Programs / Utilities

AFCAD 2.21
It is a freeware CAD-style program that allows you to modify the facility data, and some of the visible scenery, used in Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS). The facility data that AFCAD works with is used by ATC to control user and AI aircraft at airports and to assign parking. It also controls the airport information that you see on the ‘map view’, GPS screen, flight planner, and start position set-up window in Flight Simulator. The visible scenery that AFCAD can modify includes runways, taxiways, aprons, and all associated markings and lights. More airport scenery elements will be added in subsequent releases.
By Lee Swordy.

Airport for windows 3.0
Freeware program for scenery design. Used in most sceneries available in this site. You can insert runways, polygons, 3D objects, API macros, etc.
By Pascal Meziat, Tom Hiscox and Brian McWilliams.
Version 2.6 Full

9.6 MB

Upgrade to 3.0

Airport for Windows Update.msi

6.7 MB

SceneGenX 1.0
Freeware program for FS2004 scenery design, similar to Airport. It allows you to create airports in the FS2004 format. Also you can insert default FS objects and custom MDL objects.
By Tom Hiscox.

Easy Object Designer 2.2
Freeware program for 3D object design, such as buildings, hangars, trees, etc, to be inserted as API macros in programs like Airport.
By Matthias Brueckner.

GMax 1.2
Advanced 3D object design, to be inserted directly using coordinates or as MDL objects in SceneGenX, Rwy12 Object Placer or directly to FS as a BGL file. This objects are more framerate-friendly than API macros.
By Matthias Brueckner.
To be used in FS2004 it also requires: FS2004 Gmax SDK


18.7 MB